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 Customers requests for No Msg ADDED would gladly be taken with your orders with in reason.

   Certain products that we use may have small traces of msg or similar msg compounds without a North American standard labeling on them . We as a staff and company of 20 plus years take pride in trying to consistenly purchase items our customers would appreciate more.  But unfortunately certain asian products used to produce asian  foods, and flavors are not made in north america. Also they are not reproduced as "NATURAL" or not even relabled for nutritional purposes. So with that being said, we Advise anybody with SEVERE MSG ALLERGIES to try our food at their Discretion.
  We as a Restaurant know we cannot please everyone nor do we believe it is possible to please a 100% of our clientel.  To try to find a balance with our customers needs and preference is a routinely tough balancing act. Why you mite ask? Because not everyones tastes and preferences are the same. Hence the consistent balancing act to try to please the masses and the individual.   But we as a restaurant take great pride in knowing that we will consistently try. That is the least we can do for our customers.  All we ask for is some understanding.
Thank you KWGardens

China's biggest headache?

Some foods to ignore if you have Severe Allergies towards MSG

So you think you don't eat MSG? Think again...

Some of the names MSG goes under

monopotassium glutamate
glutamic acid
autolyzed yeast extract
calcium caseinate
sodium caseinate
E621 (E620-625 are all glutamates)
Ajinomoto, Ac'cent
Gourmet Powder

The following may also contain MSG

natural flavours or seasonings
natural beef or chicken flavouring
hydrolyzed milk or plant protein
textured protein
soy sauce

Free glutamate content of foods (mg per 100g)

roquefort cheese 1280
parmesan cheese 1200
soy sauce 1090
walnuts 658
fresh tomato juice 260
grape juice 258
peas 200
mushrooms 180
broccoli 176
tomatoes 140
mushrooms 140
oysters 137
corn 130
potatoes 102
chicken 44
mackerel 36
beef 33
eggs 23
human milk 22